What certifications are useful for beginner business analysts?

What are the certifications that will be useful to become a business analyst ?

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One Response to "What certifications are useful for beginner business analysts?"

  1. VJ   December 2, 2010 at 12:39 am

    For a business analyst, more than the qualifications or certifications, one needs to have in-depth knowledge and awareness of the business the person specializes in. For example, a supply chain management business analyst should be well-versed with the Supply Chain Management. Similarly a business analyst who is following up automobile sector should be aware of what’s happening in the automobile industry and so on. This is called verticalization into a certain sector. There are different verticals in the industry and you will have to choose which vertical you want to go into. To start with, an MBA degree followed by some years of experience in a Business consulting firm or company should be helpful.


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