What does a business support analyst do?

Hi, I have an interview soon for this role so I thought it’d be good to do some research or ask people about this role…

What is the job like in your own personal opinion? What does a business support analyst do day to day (what do you do)?

How does the job fit into the the department?

What contributions does it make to the overall efforts of the company?

Thanks in advance.

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One Response to "What does a business support analyst do?"

  1. Sudhakar   January 1, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    Business Analyst
    Provide financial and strategic support to Channels Financial Director and rest of Channels senior management team providing information to effectively appraise existing and new development opportunities to ensure maximum value is created from the rights the division owns. Key Accountability’s: Manage the modelling of five year plans and new business initiatives for the Channels division ensuring delivery of the Channels strategy. Evaluate new business propositions to ensure the proposals deliver strong commercial returns and the effective allocation of restricted resources whilst maximising long term profitability. Provide critical review for business activities, along with financial leadership on major projects being implemented within Worldwide Channels, including financial analysis……


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