Business Analyst Book

I am majoring in business intelligence and I am looking for an internship in a relevant field.
I have a job right now working with a CRM doing strategic analysis and forecasting for a non-profit organization.
I have heard this is similar to what a business analyst does. Could I get this job with my background (MAJOR: Business Intelligence, MINOR: Computer Science),
Are these jobs in demand? What do they pay? HOW can I break into this field?
Thank you.
what i noticed where i work, the business analyst observers, study the nature of products which one sales best in the market, they observe the demands of that product and they place a bet in the market. while others observes one firm if they are doing fine,check incoming or outgoing products of the firm. others study salaries of personnels if it is good for the company.\ni cant define you exactly what you want to know since it is not my branch, otherwise if you want some information about this the best thing you can do is to go to the chamber of commerce or bureau of employment they are the one who can give you tips concerning it.\ni am wondering why you followed a course without inquiring in the department of school first what are available in the market of job. in europe it is them who will guide you what is suited to your capabilities and liing, they will expose you such branch need some hands or brains if you think you will like or it suitable to you then you can register your self and start your course.
In my experience, I\'ve seen the job title \"business analyst\" used to describe a variety of responsibilities. Most often it includes some degree of financial review, such as studying company sales information to identify trends. The job you currently hold sounds like the kind of experience that would be applicable. However, a business analyst isn\'t really a \"field\", like Human Resources or Accounting are fields. It\'s a job title that could mean different things at different companies or in different industries, so the salary ranges could vary.