From IT Recruiter To Business Analyst

I have done MBA with Business & Finance major.

I am looking forward to the “Business Analyst” position. I have diverse experiences like Sales Engineering, IT Recruiter etc.

I have read all the articles about Business Analyst and finding best fit for me.

Any one can please suggest what steps will be taking me into targeted job profile?

Thanks in advance

Product Controller or Business Analyst, Which Do I Choose?

I have two offers from two big investment banks; one as a product controller in structured credits in finance and the other one is front office business analyst in IT for exotic equity derivatives area where you will deal with risk and pricing.

What are the carrer prospects for both of them? I am not sure what I would like to do in future however I know that I would like to gain as much product knowledge as I can and have deeper understanding of business. Business analyst position pays 10 -15 k (in pounds) more compared to product controller position.