What are the Qualifications for Becoming an IT Business Analyst


I would like to seek some advice on what skills / qualifications (programming/database knowledge etc) should I have to be able to apply and get hired as an IT Business Analyst.

Take note that I already graduated college with a BS in Computer Science degree.

Please be specific in giving me advice,

Thank you in advance

What are the Qualifications for Becoming an IT Business Analyst

Information Technology (IT) Business Analysts play an important role by being responsible for their organizations technological development and direction i.e. they improve production, cost-effectiveness and workflow through their company’s business information and technical systems.

What steps should I take to become a business analyst?

I have a degree in business administration option in information systems (just Graduated) and have minimal experience with PL/SQL, relation data base.

What is the initial path I should take and things I should learn in order to develop my Business Analyst (BA) skills
I am also interested in the salary range for this type of position

How To Become A Business Analyst With A Psychology Degree?

I just graduated in December 2006 from the University of Kentucky. My degree is in Psychology, but I have a passion for financial analysis and business developement. I was involved with a wonderful small business throughout college in which I was able to manage all of the financial/customer/business data and use it to help grow the company (a lot.)

However, now that I am out of college and want to move into a sustainable career (i.e. support my family with pay and benefits,) I am finding it difficult to pursue my passion. My wife and I want to move to the Central Florida area (where we were engaged, honeymooned, etc.) I have applied for dozens of analyst jobs down there, but, as of yet, no bite. How does one “break into” this field?

How can I get a job as a Business Analyst?

My college degree was in Business Administration.

Here are some of the classes that I took:
– Strategic Management & Business Policy
– Human Resources Management
– Consumer Behavior
– Financial Markets & Institutions
– Problems in Financial Management
– Analysis of the Financial Statement
– Introduction to Management Information Systems

What’s the Best IT Certification for IT Business Analysts / Consultants?

Hey, I am trying to get a job as an IT Business Analyst or IT Consultant …..

I have no experience in this but several years experience in helpdesk support and a Masters degree in Business Information Technology in 2006.

I know in todays climate degrees are not enuff, but not sure which of the many certificates out there to get to achieve my goal.

Dont want anything too technical or programming like CCNA or Java , I am thinking more along the lines of SAP, ITIL, etc and guess i need some SQL.