Does becoming a Certified Business Analyst carry any weight?

I’m getting ready to get my PMP from the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is very respected in the industry.

Does the Business Analyst certification from the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) carry the same weight in that sector?

Do employers really care whether their business analyst is certified?

What’s the Best IT Certification for IT Business Analysts / Consultants?

Hey, I am trying to get a job as an IT Business Analyst or IT Consultant …..

I have no experience in this but several years experience in helpdesk support and a Masters degree in Business Information Technology in 2006.

I know in todays climate degrees are not enuff, but not sure which of the many certificates out there to get to achieve my goal.

Dont want anything too technical or programming like CCNA or Java , I am thinking more along the lines of SAP, ITIL, etc and guess i need some SQL.