What to do to become a business analyst?

I am a student. I want to know what I have to do to become a business analyst.

Which degrees should I take and how much years it will take.

What to do to become a business analyst?

Planning a path to the career of your choice or changing careers successfully, requires careful thought and strategy.

The great thing about business analysis is the ease with which you may begin a career in it by gaining business analysis skills through training and real-world business analysis skills.

Is it a good idea to enroll in a business analyst certificate program?

Is it a good idea to enroll in a business analyst certificate program?

I will be graduating this upcoming semester with a BA in Psychology.

I don’t want to pursue a career in Psychology right away.

I was thinking of enrolling in a business analyst certificate program.

Is it a good idea to pursue this particular field?

Do I need a business analyst certification to become a business analyst?

The business analyst industry is a unique one that does not immediately demand certification to get a job, unlike other professions such as law, accounting or medicine.

What college major do I take to become an business analyst?

Trying to figuer out my career goal, and I know I want to have it under a business major. So I was thinking what are the things to become an business analyst? -if there is such a thing-

Do I need a college degree to become a business analyst and what should I major in?

Many business analyst job advertisements do not actually require college degrees. Recruiters for business analyst positions look for applicants with skills and technologies such as but not limited to:

1. Business acumen

2. Facilitation skills

3. Strong organizational skills

Is it too late to change career as Business analyst?

Is it too late to change career as Business analyst ,as i am 39yrs old now .
I have 4 yr Degree but in civil engineering,but now am wrkng as risk analyst in a call center.so now i am planning to do certification course in Business Analyst ,so as i am 39yrs old will i get a job once i finish the course.

When is it too late to become a business analyst?

It is never too late to become a business analyst or whatever it is you want to be in life.
There are many skilled business analysts who are happy, fulfilled and thriving in their business analyst careers which they started late in life. The following are reasons why you can pursue a business analyst career at any age:

What do I need to do to become a business analyst?

I really want to become a business analyst, but I don’t have the experience.

I recently got my BA in Finance and will get my MBA next May.

Due to the economic slow down, I can’t get any jobs in the area, I can’t even find a place to work for FREE to get experience.

I was thinking about getting a SAS certification and MCAS certification.

Any advice on what I can do to beef up my resume so I can snag my dream job?

How do I transition from coding to business analysis?

I am really burnt out on coding – is it possible to make just as much money as a business analyst?

I am thinking about going from development to analysis (like business or systems analysis).

Can you make the same money? Less? More? I would love to hear from someone who is actually in one of these positions now, or knows someone who is.
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Transitioning From Technical Writer To Business Analyst

I have 7 yrs experience in Technical Communication and internal marketing skills. I am not a technical person.

I have technical background, done my Bachelors in Engineering and pursuing a course in Business Management. What are my option? and what steps do take to pursue a career in Business Analysis? Thanks for the help.

How To Start In A New Role As Business Analyst?

An expert SME has been supporting various applications, I now have to fill his role and conduct all the business analyst and related business support tasks.

Does anyone have any tips as to important questions to ask or where I can find any?

Besides finding out who he has been dealing with and getting him to give his knowledge to me (good luck) , explain system process.

I don’t have any structured approach at this point.

Additionally, I am concerned I won’t get much information from him and I could be left holding the bag in this role without any training or information….

What does a business support analyst do?

Hi, I have an interview soon for this role so I thought it’d be good to do some research or ask people about this role…

What is the job like in your own personal opinion? What does a business support analyst do day to day (what do you do)?

How does the job fit into the the department?

What contributions does it make to the overall efforts of the company?

Thanks in advance.

From IT Recruiter To Business Analyst

I have done MBA with Business & Finance major.

I am looking forward to the “Business Analyst” position. I have diverse experiences like Sales Engineering, IT Recruiter etc.

I have read all the articles about Business Analyst and finding best fit for me.

Any one can please suggest what steps will be taking me into targeted job profile?

Thanks in advance

How to become an IT business analyst with training in Redmond or Seattle?


I’ve 4.5 yrs of work experience in IT, after working as Systems Engineer, SQL DBA and little programming skills for all these years i would like to start my new career with Business Analyst. Can you guys let me know what all i need to do to achieve this ?

Like – Are there any courses available in and around Seattle (i live in Redmond) ? what’s the process for certifications.

Regarding the courses or certifications i would like to do is .. after completing the course or/and certification, i should get a job as BA, that’s my goal. Any information would be really helpful. Thanks

How I can Become An Insurance Business Analyst?

I am of 39 years old and presently working as Asst. Admn.Officer in LIC of India. I have put up 17 years service with my employer. I am a B.Sc graduate with Fellowship qualification in Life insurance from Insurance Institute of India,Mumbai.

I am working for LIC of INDIA in various capacities since last 17years and I am having versatile experience in all the functional areas of Branch as well as Divisional office environments.

Presently I am heading underwriting department

No Expertise for a Business Analyst Job

I got recruited by a company to do 3 work rotations as part of a training program. Our first one is where our permanent job is supposed to be.

The bloody geniuses have put me in the role of a BUSINESS ANALYST…

I have virtually NO expertise in SOFTWARE development at all and I am supposed to liase between developers and customers ?? WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO ?

Why would they put me there ? They could have put me anywhere else.

What’s the Best IT Certification for IT Business Analysts / Consultants?

Hey, I am trying to get a job as an IT Business Analyst or IT Consultant …..

I have no experience in this but several years experience in helpdesk support and a Masters degree in Business Information Technology in 2006.

I know in todays climate degrees are not enuff, but not sure which of the many certificates out there to get to achieve my goal.

Dont want anything too technical or programming like CCNA or Java , I am thinking more along the lines of SAP, ITIL, etc and guess i need some SQL.

What Is The Job of A Business Analyst?

I want to be a business analyst. Can anyone please tell me the modules / domains / educational qualifications required for a Business Analyst Job?

I am into new product development in a company and I develop systems. I am not a techy, as I only conceptualise and get it done.

Please help me out with this…