Is it too late to change career as Business analyst?

Is it too late to change career as Business analyst ,as i am 39yrs old now .
I have 4 yr Degree but in civil engineering,but now am wrkng as risk analyst in a call now i am planning to do certification course in Business Analyst ,so as i am 39yrs old will i get a job once i finish the course.

When is it too late to become a business analyst?

It is never too late to become a business analyst or whatever it is you want to be in life.
There are many skilled business analysts who are happy, fulfilled and thriving in their business analyst careers which they started late in life. The following are reasons why you can pursue a business analyst career at any age:

1. Think about your age in a positive and constructive way. Many famous people accomplished new goals late in life. Ray Kroc for instance took over the McDonald’s franchise when he was fifty-two years old and turned it into the most successful fast food operation in the world.

2. There is a high demand for highly skilled business analysts. Employers and hiring managers will judge you by how you perform on the job and not by your age.

3. The business analyst job market is highly competitive and flexible about requisite business analysis skills and experience. You can become a business analyst by learning business analysis skills and gaining hands-on experience.

4. Business analysts can get hired from a phone interview. Due to the high demand for business analysts with skills in computer programming for example, many get hired over the phone, just after the employer reviews their resumes.

What should you do?

1. Take an inventory of your skills. Look at the list of skills needed to be a qualified business analyst. Determine that you are or can become compatible with a business analyst career.

2. Explore opportunities for transitioning to a business analyst position within your current place of employment.

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  1. ...   November 29, 2010 at 11:30 am

    Are you changing TO it, or from it? If the latter, what job did you want to change to?

    It is never too late to change, what matters is what kind of job you want and what kind of training you will need to get the job Some jobs may require a degree and if you are willing to go to school and get one, it only takes 4 years, which isn’t too long compared to the rest of your life.


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