Business Analyst Book

How will I find a business analyst job in the United Kingdom (UK) especially considering the Global Job Crisis?
There\'s no way to predict when the financial markets will stabalise again (otherwise we\'d all be stokebrokers!) As a job seeker you must make sure you\'re using all the resources available to you.\n\n**Make sure your CV is as good as it possibly can be. The Fuller CV will give you a 10 minute review over the phone for free, give it a try.\n**Register with recruitment agencies, consultants have access to a wide range of vacancies and are experienced at matching the right people to the right jobs.\n**Use job sites, there are thousands of jobs at your finger tips, you just have to know how to find them.\n**Upload your CV to job sites, this is a great way to get infront of more recruitment consultants as these are the people who most often buy access to the database.\n**Ensure your profile is filled in. You are more likely to apply for a job that tells you all about the company and the role. Well it\'s the same for recruiters, the more you tell them about yourself, the easier it is for them to identify you as the right candidate for the role.\n**Network! Join LinkedIn. You might get headhunted by a recruiter, or you might get chatting to someone who can help you identify more precisely what it is you want to do.\n\n\nAs for finding a Business Analyst role, there are plenty of them about. Try searching on job sites for similar titles such as Financial Analyst, FP&A, and Analyst. You could also search using different criteria eg sector, skills (Sarbanes-Oxley), packages you can use (Hyperion). \n\nThere\'s more information on this on GAAPweb\'s blog:\n\nIf you have any other questions about identifying the right keywords for your job searches, please email me at\n\nNicola :-)