How to Become a Business Process Analyst?

I am fresh graduate of Computer Science and want to become a Business Process Analyst.

What skills do I need and what experience I should look out to gain ?

Are there any classifications which can help me in this endeavor. I have a only fade idea of what a Business Process Analyst does i.e. of mapping business processes and analyzing which need improvement or how they can integrated into a software.

Is is this right? Advice from experienced people or those who are already or trying to be in the same field will be highly appreciated.

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One Response to "How to Become a Business Process Analyst?"

  1. words_smith_4u   December 11, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    This is what I do. My suggestion is to find the are where you can become smart on the business process. Unfortunately, at this time, employers are looking for people that have worked in the area and can ‘cross train’ into process analysis.

    The high level of what a BPA does is: taking a process and breaking it down into the piece parts. That is, finer detail until you have defined a single task for a single person/group. Then, you rebuild those tasks into a flowchart and see where you can improve the process. You MUST have good skills of listening. Some of the best information I’ve gotten have been in casual conversations with experts in their area. You will be doing a LOT of writing, explaining the process to others.

    Not all BPA will result in software creation. Maybe a company has bought another company and there are 2 groups that do the same sort of thing. How do you ‘synthesize’ these groups? Which ‘way’ of doing it is best? See what I mean?

    Write if you want for more info. good luck.


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