How to become a business analyst?

Hello all,

I’m currently in my first year of college and I hope to one day become a business analyst.

My current plan is to major in accounting and am hoping on an internship as a BA to gain some experienceing and possibly land a job.

Is this a good plan or is there more I should do? Thanks!

How To Become A Business Analyst

If you have been searching for work as a business analyst and are getting nowhere, you might need to update your business analysis skills, hands-on experience, cover letter, resume or interviewing skills.

Evaluate your resume and cover letter and be realistic about whether you have the business analysis skills and experience for the job opportunities you are submitting to.

The business analyst job market is highly competitive and yet flexible about requisite business analysis skills and experience.

Your resume and cover letter must reflect that your skills and experience are perfectly fitting for the position.

You can accomplish this by ‘selling your professional expertise’ in your resume and cover letter.

In other words, your resume and cover letter should market you as ‘capable, talented, skilled, experienced, trained, professional analyst’.

If your resume does not have the level of skills and experience that is typically required for the position you are seeking, you can build it up by getting hands-on business analysis training and coaching.

It is very unprofessional to send a pleading or ‘give me a chance’ tone through your resume and cover letter’.

Hiring managers are looking for business analysts who prove their competency in their resume and cover letter, not those who demonstrate good intention or eagerness to get the job.

Another way of making your resume standout from the crowd is to acquire domain skills and experience, as that will give you the opportunity to apply for specialist business analyst jobs as against the generalist business analyst positions.

Business analyst domain experience is the hands-on business skills or domain knowledge acquired by working in specialized industries like insurance or telecom or working for business units such as customer relationship management or finance.

It is very valuable because domain knowledge is acquired through actual solving of business problems for a specific industry or business unit over a period of time, it is not easily transferable and endorses the business analyst as one who can run or operate the business units efficiently.

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