How to Avoid Recuiters for Contract Business Analyst Roles?

Been looking for a BA or Project Manager role for ages (feels like) in the Financial Services industry in London.

I have sent my CV to lots of agencies, but have got no interviews set up yet.

My rate expectations are very reasonable and I am experienced/qualified! I just don’t seem to be breaking through the agency barrier!

If I were to call companies directly, who would I ask for? HR or someone else?

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One Response to "How to Avoid Recuiters for Contract Business Analyst Roles?"

  1. Elwanda B   December 1, 2010 at 11:38 am

    You need to talk to the service procurement area of the company. You want to also do two more things – ask the agencies where the large projects are concentrated. From that you can reduce the list of companies to contact in that area. For instance, if they say they have a BA position available in Leeds, you can assume that the company may very well be the University of Leeds. If they have a financial sector BA position near Black Friars, you can assume that it is Unilever or some other such outfit.

    Second, a BA resume and PM res should be vastly different. You may need two targeted CVs, one to get PM work and one for BA work. They need to have the concentrated keywords that attract a client and encourage the agencies to present you. When you talk to the procurement area, you want to ask how to become a preferred vendor or if they have a list of preferred vendors. Dealing within the vendors on their list ensures a greater likelihood of being hired by the company.


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