What are the Qualifications for Becoming an IT Business Analyst


I would like to seek some advice on what skills / qualifications (programming/database knowledge etc) should I have to be able to apply and get hired as an IT Business Analyst.

Take note that I already graduated college with a BS in Computer Science degree.

Please be specific in giving me advice,

Thank you in advance

What are the Qualifications for Becoming an IT Business Analyst

Information Technology (IT) Business Analysts play an important role by being responsible for their organizations technological development and direction i.e. they improve production, cost-effectiveness and workflow through their company’s business information and technical systems.

How to change careers from software engineer to business analyst?

hi, I completed my engineering in electrical and electronics last year and then i joined a telecom company as a tester.

Only then did I realize that I was not interested in this field. I have heard about Business Analysts and it sounds interesting.

I would like to know what I should do to become a business analyst and a little more info on this field. Please advice.

Can a Software Engineer become a Business Analyst?

Why ever not? A Software Engineer can become a Business Analyst for the following reasons:

What does a business analyst do?

I am majoring in business intelligence and I am looking for an internship in a relevant field.

I have a job right now working with a CRM doing strategic analysis and forecasting for a non-profit organization.

I have heard this is similar to what a business analyst does. Could I get this job with my background (MAJOR: Business Intelligence, MINOR: Computer Science),

Are these jobs in demand? What do they pay? HOW can I break into this field?

Thank you.

How do I transition from coding to business analysis?

I am really burnt out on coding – is it possible to make just as much money as a business analyst?

I am thinking about going from development to analysis (like business or systems analysis).

Can you make the same money? Less? More? I would love to hear from someone who is actually in one of these positions now, or knows someone who is.
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Should I Be A Computer Programmer Or Business Analyst?

I have been working as a programmer and now ended up with an offer for business application analyst with some reporting responsibilities job.

I am confused whether to go ahead and take the job or wait for a programming job.

Is a career as business application analyst good?

Are there chances for advancement?

From Telecommunications Technlology Development to Business Analyst

Hello Friends,

I am working in a telecommunications firm focusing completely on technology development.

Now-a-days I feel to change my career path to include strategy planning/ Business analyst positions. Can someone help me on how to achieve this?

Thanks much,