What steps should I take to become a business analyst?

I have a degree in business administration option in information systems (just Graduated) and have minimal experience with PL/SQL, relation data base.

What is the initial path I should take and things I should learn in order to develop my Business Analyst (BA) skills
I am also interested in the salary range for this type of position

Looking For Business Analyst Training In Hamilton / Mississauga

I live in the St. Catharines ON area and I am getting ready to start my second career training shortly in the Information Technology field and would like to know the best locations for my IT Business Analyst or IT Quality Assurance Tester training I should look into and if anyone could provide me with any further information, program lengths, tuition or first-hand experiences encountered.

Should I Be A Computer Programmer Or Business Analyst?

I have been working as a programmer and now ended up with an offer for business application analyst with some reporting responsibilities job.

I am confused whether to go ahead and take the job or wait for a programming job.

Is a career as business application analyst good?

Are there chances for advancement?

How to Avoid Recuiters for Contract Business Analyst Roles?

Been looking for a BA or Project Manager role for ages (feels like) in the Financial Services industry in London.

I have sent my CV to lots of agencies, but have got no interviews set up yet.

My rate expectations are very reasonable and I am experienced/qualified! I just don’t seem to be breaking through the agency barrier!

If I were to call companies directly, who would I ask for? HR or someone else?

From Telecommunications Technlology Development to Business Analyst

Hello Friends,

I am working in a telecommunications firm focusing completely on technology development.

Now-a-days I feel to change my career path to include strategy planning/ Business analyst positions. Can someone help me on how to achieve this?

Thanks much,

How To Start In A New Role As Business Analyst?

An expert SME has been supporting various applications, I now have to fill his role and conduct all the business analyst and related business support tasks.

Does anyone have any tips as to important questions to ask or where I can find any?

Besides finding out who he has been dealing with and getting him to give his knowledge to me (good luck) , explain system process.

I don’t have any structured approach at this point.

Additionally, I am concerned I won’t get much information from him and I could be left holding the bag in this role without any training or information….

How to Become a Business Process Analyst?

I am fresh graduate of Computer Science and want to become a Business Process Analyst.

What skills do I need and what experience I should look out to gain ?

Are there any classifications which can help me in this endeavor. I have a only fade idea of what a Business Process Analyst does i.e. of mapping business processes and analyzing which need improvement or how they can integrated into a software.

Is is this right? Advice from experienced people or those who are already or trying to be in the same field will be highly appreciated.

Does becoming a Certified Business Analyst carry any weight?

I’m getting ready to get my PMP from the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is very respected in the industry.

Does the Business Analyst certification from the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) carry the same weight in that sector?

Do employers really care whether their business analyst is certified?


Product Controller or Business Analyst, Which Do I Choose?

I have two offers from two big investment banks; one as a product controller in structured credits in finance and the other one is front office business analyst in IT for exotic equity derivatives area where you will deal with risk and pricing.

What are the carrer prospects for both of them? I am not sure what I would like to do in future however I know that I would like to gain as much product knowledge as I can and have deeper understanding of business. Business analyst position pays 10 -15 k (in pounds) more compared to product controller position.

What’s the Best IT Certification for IT Business Analysts / Consultants?

Hey, I am trying to get a job as an IT Business Analyst or IT Consultant …..

I have no experience in this but several years experience in helpdesk support and a Masters degree in Business Information Technology in 2006.

I know in todays climate degrees are not enuff, but not sure which of the many certificates out there to get to achieve my goal.

Dont want anything too technical or programming like CCNA or Java , I am thinking more along the lines of SAP, ITIL, etc and guess i need some SQL.

What Is The Job of A Business Analyst?

I want to be a business analyst. Can anyone please tell me the modules / domains / educational qualifications required for a Business Analyst Job?

I am into new product development in a company and I develop systems. I am not a techy, as I only conceptualise and get it done.

Please help me out with this…